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Outsourcing appointment booking to grow your practice.

How much time do I actually spend in front of clients in face-to-face engagement?

This is a key question many financial professionals are sure to ask themselves at one point or another.

According to David Haintz of Global Adviser Alpha, if you are spending any more than 20% of your time on low level admin, you should consider outsourcing to a third-party.

Lead Generation can be hard to maintain
One of the tasks that accountants and financial advisers often struggle with, is securing high-quality leads on a consistent basis. Not only can it distract from time better spent on advice formation and delivery; but it can be emotionally draining to be calling prospects on a daily or weekly basis.

While referrals from friendly affiliates and networking groups do play a key role in any practice’s success; they can also be difficult to rely upon and usually fluctuate from month-to-month.

A new appointment booking service has launched
A Brisbane based company called LookDigi has recently launched an appointment booking service created specifically for accountants, financial planners and bookkeepers.

The concept is to assist practices spend more time speaking to clients face-to-face and less time chasing them.

How does it work?
LookDigi contacts the existing database of contacts for a business, uses targeted campaign specific call scripts, and books these contacts straight into the diary of the relevant finance professional for a qualified appointment to review their finances.
What kind of results can I expect for my practice?
While call results can vary depending on the quality of the lists, they generally achieve bookings at a rate of between 3-5 appointments per hour.

This means the practice can focus on meeting with these new prospects, giving valuable advice and onboarding them where they convert to new fee-paying clients.

The net result is more time freed up for the financial professional each week (who aren’t having to chase clients anymore), securing more new clients in a shorter space of time and, therefore more profit to the practice.

The other benefit is reduced stress upon the finance operator, who has now outsourced what is arguably the most emotionally demanding aspect of any service business, lead generation.