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Just Small Business
Address: PO Box 142 NEW FARM QLD
Short Business Description:
We run regular free networking events for local business owners who wish to engage with others and hear about new ideas in the small business space. These sessions focus on creating an environment where you, as a business owner, can listen to the needs of others to understand how you can assist them in achieving their business goals and how they can assist you.

We do this through:
Speed listening
Information sessions
General networking

We guarantee that you will get to know a little about everyone in the room
Long Business Description:

Just Small Busines Workshops
Show Me the Money!

This workshop will guide you to set your own sales and financial goals with a scorecard you can use to monitor your progress. At the end of the workshop you will have create 4 key business goals to achieve the profit you wish to make:

The number of sales
Your gross profit rate goal
Your average sale value
Overhead expenses goal
You can monitor your progress towards achieving these goals through the scorecard provided
You also create 3 years cashflow and profit and loss forecasts.

The Big Picture!

In this workshop, you will create or clarify your Strategic Purpose and Big Goal. Thereby creating a clear strategic direction for your business. At the end of the workshop you will have created:

Your Big Goal – “Where are you going?”
Your Strategic Purpose “Why does your business exist?”
Determine your values and behaviors that inform you strategic purpose
Identified issues that are holding you back from achieving your “Big Goal”
Prioritised these issues and create goals for the most urgent issues

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Business Phone Number:
0430 122 269