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What are Affiliate Commissions? – Commissions are typically a percentage of a transaction that you pay to an affiliate when he/she refers a sale of your product(s) or service(s). For example, pretend you are selling a cool new gadget on your site for $10. If you pay your affiliates 10%, then each time that new gadget is purchased by an end user who was referred through the affiliate’s link, the affiliate would get $1 or 10% of that sale. You as the merchant would then keep $9 or 90% of that sale.

LookDigi pays 15% of the spend of each client that you refer directly.

What are Commission Levels? – Commission levels is a varying percentages paid to affiliates and parent-affiliates. For example, let’s say Affiliate A refers a new affiliate, Affiliate B. Affiliate A would be the parent-affiliate of Affiliate B. Your commission levels are set to Level 1 = 15%, Level 2 = 5%. Now when a sale is made through Affiliate A, Affiliate A get’s 10% of the sale and Affiliate B gets nothing. When a sale is made through Affiliate B, Affiliate B gets 10% and Affiliate A gets 5%.

What are Recurring Commissions? – Recurring commissions are for subscription type products or services. You will receive a commission every time your referral renews or makes a new purchase.

When will I receive my commission? – Payouts will occur in the last week of each calendar month and all amounts exceeding $100AUD will be disbursed via PayPal.

Level 1 – Direct Referal


Level 2 – Secondary Referal