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Ghost Mail Service

Brisbane City Address
For Personal, Business Or Fan Mail
Maintain Your Privacy & Convenience
Pick Up Or Forwarding Options

$19.95 Per Month Or $219.95 Per Year

Just made it big and want somewhere to send your Fan Mail?

  • Influencers of all Platforms welcome!
  • Celebrities
  • Sports Stars

Your privacy is protected, we can forward your letters and parcels discreetly and securely to your preferred location.

Business owners looking for a professional listed location and mailing solution?

  • Get listed on Google
  • Have a professional address on your website
  • Mail handled professionally and accept product returns,

This is a flexible option, also mail pick up is free if collected in 7 days and does not exceed space allocations.

We can forward your personal mail to you or you can pick it up.

  • No more changing address
  • Travellers welcome
  • Pick up for Free or we can forward it to your updated address

Let’s get you on to the right kind of ghosting