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We do the cold calls for you, so you can focus on spending more time in front of clients.

Our professional service

We have a wealth of experience on the phone and multiple effective scripts to get those marketing reports flying out the door.

With our experienced callers, we will have you delivering market appraisals in no time, filling your pipeline and saving your time for your most essential tasks. We have a selection of several scripts or you can supply one. Call your existing database or cold calls from a supplied list, our fingers are ready to dial.

How it works

We follow an easy yet effective system for all our new appointment booking clients: .


Get Registered on a one off trial rate or lock in 10 hours on our special promotional rates.
To get things started we will book in a 20-minute phone appointment to discuss your specific needs & style.


We get to know your business and after a test of your market area we set targets to hit so we can maintain an ongoing partnership with your business.


Send us more numbers to call and maintain feedback. We will keep dialing and booking you up. You will receive daily reporting around which appointments are booked and for when. If it is an appraisal you will receive an notification within an hour to lock it in.


Q: Do you use your own call scripts or, can I supply them to you?
A: Yes, we create natural and adaptable scripts based on our initial conversations with you in our phone
appointment. You can also supply us with your own scripts if you have them ready to use.

Q: Your service is called LookDigi, how do you usually introduce yourself when calling to book new

A: This can vary from industry to industry however, we usually introduce ourselves as either a client or service
manager calling from your business name.

Q: Are there any restrictions on who you will call and at what time?
A: Yes, our appointment booking services are only for contacts or clients that you already know.
We don’t ‘cold call’, ever. We generally make calls between 8am-6pm unless requested otherwise.

Q: How do we know how many contacts are being prospected each week, how many are converting etc?
A: We send you a weekly report with full call metrics including, number of calls made, duration of each call and
% of calls converted to appointments. Our services are transparent, effective and geared to help you grow.